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Getting "The type name or alias FooController could not be resolved" on different server

I solved the problem. I setup a development environment on one of the remote servers. I noticed a problem with one of the references in the web project. The MVC assembly needed to be fixed. So I removed and re-added it. Worked like a charm.

Looking at the change this made, here's what I saw:

enter image description here

The code on the left is my local dev box. It was referencing version and the code on the right is after I fixed the reference on the remote server. It is referencing version

It seams my local dev box had some strange version of MVC installed. So I uninstalled it, and reinstalled from the latest published version and republished the code from the local dev build and it worked fine.

After look into this even further, this appears to be the root cause of the problem to begin with:

Windows update caused MVC3 and MVC4 stop working

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