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AVL Tree Insertion Causes Seg Fault

This is because every time you insert a function, the following codes are executed:

   if(!(*tree)) {
        *tree = item;
"); /*Every node seems to get printed here */
        (*tree)->height = 0;

The reason is that insert() is called recursively.

< 0) {
    insert(&(*tree)->left, item);
else if(strcmp(item->key,(*tree)->key) >
0) {
    insert(&(*tree)->right, item);
else if(strcmp(item->key,(*tree)->key) == 0)

&(*tree)->left can be NULL. Supposing only a root is in the tree currently, its left and right are NULL pointers. An insertion seems to will bypass the if(!(*tree)). However it will call either insert(&(*tree)->left, item) or insert(&(*tree)->right, item), both of them have a NULL pointer as its first parameter.

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