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(C Socket Programming) Seperate send() calls from server ending up in same client recv() buffer

On Unix systems recv and send are just special cases of the read and write that accepts additional flags. (Windows also emulates this with Winsock).

You shouldn't assume that one recv corresponds to one send because that's generally isn't true (just like you can read a file in multiple parts, even if it was written in a single write). Instead you should start each "message" with a header that tells you how long the message is, if it's important to know what were the separate messages, or just read the stream like a normal file, if it's not important.

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Java RMI has different instantiations on client variables from client itself and from remote calls from server
It seems that the RMI connection is handling a copy of the initialized list. That's correct. The list isn't a remote object, so it is passed and returned via serialization.

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how do i connect to the server socket using the ip address and port number( client is running on a different machine than server)
To connect in your code you use: Socket socket = new Socket(server_IP,server_Port); So you could use: Socket socket = new Socket("", 5555); It looks like you have this in your code so I'm not sure what problem you're having. Don't forget that you have to setup your router to forward ports if it is located outside of your local network.

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Network programming in C (data is not being sent from client to server using send())
are you sure it is not send-ing? IMO, recv(clientSocket , &serverSocket , sizeof(int) , 0); in client is blocking, thus not reaching the send() call. Can you put the recv() call [which is not intended and required, IMO] after send() in client side? Hint: Server is listening for incoming connection , and as long as there is no imcoming connection, it doesn't has an address to send the comm

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Why cant both my client communicate to each other? (java server socket)
Your software is not designed to handle client to client communication. To achieve this you would have to: store your client Handlers on the server (not throwing them away; use something dynamic like a LinkedList) add a method to the Handler that allows to sent arbitrary messages to the Client this Handler represents receive the client messages in a Handler pass them to the server send the mes

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Unix socket send receive client to server big chunk of data error
Your receiving C-Code seems to make the following assumption. Data arrives in chunks of 1024 or less Each chunk is terminated by a magical 26 end of communication occurs if a chunk is smaller then 1024 This however does not have to hold true. The OS is free to supply you with as little data as it likes on your recv(...) call even if there are still large chunks of data in the stream waiting f

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