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Get an exception when calling the setMod() method

What will happen here:

- enemyMaxDamageHit) + 1)

if the parameter to the .nextInt(...) method is negative? You'll get an exception, is what. Since Max is > than Min, so this is likely. You'd best make sure that the parameters are in fact positive.

Myself, I'd swap them, by changing

- enemyMaxDamageHit) + 1)


- enemyMinDamageHit) + 1)

Most importantly, you will want to read all exception messages critically since the information that they pass to you is not gibberish, but rather often (and in your case precisely) tells you what is wrong and where.

Your exception message tells you:

Exception in thread "main"
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be

So you know that some number used as a method or constructor parameter is negative but should in fact be positive.


OK, it involves something to do with a Random object's nextInt(...) call.


and the problem is at line 67 of the Start class, in the attack method.

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