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Modifying TCP packets on the fly

To anyone who's facing the same problem, I finally managed to do this using ettercap -

More specifically, I used the ARP poisoning mode to intercept the packets to and from the server and used a custom ettercap plugin to modify them appropriately

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BLE loss of Data packets in smartphone
BLE is transmitting with low power on in a crowded spectrum. Some packet loss is to be expected (though I agree it is more than I'd like). A higher level protocol will detect packet loss and request retransmission. In the case of BLE, instead of using advertisments for data you can actually connect to the device and then use notifications. These are far more reliable and shouldn't be dropped. The

Categories : Android
Count the number of packets with pyshark
A look at the source code reveals that _packets is a list containing packets and is only used internally: When iterating through a FileCapture object with keep_packets = True packets are getting added to this list. To get access to all packets in a FileCapture object you should iterate over it just like you did: for packet in cap: do_something(packet) But to count the amount of packets

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How to sniff specific packets using python module Scapy?
You have to sniff all packets and check whether they are deauth packets. Based upon this concise link, and since deauth packet is of type 0 and subtype 0xC, as mentioned here, this is what you need: #!/usr/bin/env python from scapy.all import * def PacketHandler(pkt): if pkt.haslayer(Dot11) and pkt.type == 0 and pkt.subtype == 0xC: print "Deauth packet sniffed: %s" % (pkt.summ

Categories : Python
How to craft specific packets on the host of Mininet to generate massive Packet-In messages
You could use iperf to send packets, like this: $ iperf -c -F You could specify the amount of time: $IPERF_TIME (-t, --time) The time in seconds to transmit for. Iperf normally works by repeatedly sending an array of len bytes for time seconds. Default is 10 seconds. See also the -l and -n options. Here is a nice reference for iperf: If you would like to use Scapy, try

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Modifying all $scope.thing except one
why not doing something like that : <div ng-controller="MyCtrl"> <ul> <li ng-repeat="(key,val) in things" > <p ng-click="changeVal(key)">{{val}}</p> </li> </ul> </div> var myApp = angular.module('myApp',[]); function MyCtrl($scope) { $scope.things = { 0: true,

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