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How to scale a double like 1.9416746607144E+36 down so I can use in a winForms chart?

There are many ways of mapping the range [0:10e36] onto the range [0:1] (or whichever concordant system you want.)

The first question you should be asking is: what do values that big actually represent, and if i have 1e24, 1e34 and 1e36 as 'Legitimate' values what would i like to see on the chart.

The simplest answer is in the comment by dbugger above with a simple division to rescale the range, but depending on your use case (very few things end up with a legitimate number that large, check for underflow or almost-div-0 errors) then a rescaling function like log(x) , or x^(1/4)/10e6 re-scaling functions may be more appropriate.

There are only 7.1e9 people on earth, earth weighs 5.98*10e24 kg, the universe is expected to be in existence around 3e20 milliseconds (10 billion years), and there are also approx 10e20 stars in the universe.

The point is 10e36 does not represent any type of phsyical thing, so perhaps working out what you are trying to plot will aid you in describing how to convert those numbers into a sensible plotting range.

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