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Managed DirectX / SharpDX / SlimDX working without installer?

I actually have a solution for this. Or rather, I am closing in on one.

If you use SharpDX.Direct3D9 or SharpDX.Direct3D10 it's likely you need D3DX9_43.dll and D3DX10_43.dll respectively.

You are right that these DLLs are located in the C:WindowsSystem32 and C:WindowsSysWow64 directories after installing the DirectX10 June 2010 Runtime.

However, your users don't want a 100MByte download (too right)...

EDIT: Update. I now have this working

  1. Include the libraries you need as dependencies as embedded resources in your Managed DLL.

    • Make sure you include the x86 and x64 versions of the library in separate folders.
    • e.g. D3DX9_43.dll from C:WindowsSystem32 is the 64bit version on x64 machines, should be included as an embedded resource in ResourcesDependenciesx64
    • D3DX9_43.dll from C:WindowsSysWow64 is the 32bit version (go figure!) on x64 machines and should be included as an embedded resource in ResourcesDependenciesx86
  2. Now create a DLL loader using this technique to selectively write out the correct (x86 or x64) DLLs to file, using the UAC save AppDataLocalYourAppDependenciesx64 or x86 folders as targets

  3. Finally, call the Kernel32 LoadLibrary function via P/Invoke on the dependencies. IMPORTANT! Only ever load x86 unmanaged DLLs when the Environment.Is64BitProcess flag is false. Vice versa for x64 unmanaged DLLs

Finally, sip margarita and watch your SharpDX application in all its glory on a machine with no DirectX Runtime installed!

EDIT 2: The above breaks the licensing agreement for the DirectX Runtime

As Xoof points out in the comments, the above breaks the licensing agreement for the DirectX Runtime. Good he let us know really as I was about to package these DLLs into commercial software.

Instead, we're going to go down the route of pre-packaging a subset of the *cab files found under C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010)Redist with our installer. We will use this to create our own mini DirectX Runtime (about 4.7MBytes) with just the files we need.

enter image description here

Hopefully the above info is useful to anyone who wants to know how to dynamically load platform-specific unmanaged DLLs with a managed application, and how to pre-package a subset of DirectX DLLs with your application!

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