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Calculate y derivative of image

I think you would probably need to check out what Sobel operator does here:

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calculate edge strength of image
mean will give you the mean value of your image. If you're using Canny as above you can do: Scalar pixelMean = mean(draw); To get the mean of only the edge pixels, you would use the image as the mask as well: Scalar edgeMean = mean(draw, draw); Unfortunately, since Canny sets all edge pixels to 255, your mean will always be 255. If this is the measure you're looking for, you'll probably want

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How to implement a derivative of a symbolic function by a 'symfun' in Matlab?
In newer versions of Matlab (I'm using R2014b) the error message is clearer: Error using sym/diff (line 26) All arguments, except for the first one, must not be symbolic functions. So, it looks like sym/diff cannot take a derivative with respect to what the documentation calls an abstract or arbitrary symfun, i.e., one without a definition. This limitation is not explicitly mentioned in th

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Change image on click, keep image and remove if other image is clicked
var sourceSwap = function () { var $this = $(this); if (!$this.hasClass('active')) { var newSource = $'alt-src'); $'alt-src', $this.attr('src')); $this.attr('src', newSource); } } var makeActive = function() { var $this = $(this); // bring the active back (if any) to the first state if($('').length) { var

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How to use the Computed Value to calculate another
You have to repeat the expression Select cost , (service_charge*(cost-Discount)) as service_charge , (service_tax*(cost-Discount+((service_charge*(cost-Discount))*(cost-Discount)))) as service_tax From VENDOR_ITEMS WHERE vendor_items_id = 264

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Need to calculate when adding coin
You are adding strings rather than numbers. You'll need to convert your strings into numbers to add them together, and you shouldn't clear your results first. For example: private void fiveP_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // balance.Clear(); <- You don't need this. balance.Text = ((double)balance.Text + 0.05).ToString(); }

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