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Big O analysis for method with multiple parameters

You look at what the program does, and calculate how many primitive operations will be performed depending on your input. Sometimes that calculation is simple, sometimes it's hard. Usually it involves mathematics. Mathematics is tough. Life is tough.

In your first example, can you perhaps figure out how many assignments to arr [0][i] and how many assignments to arr [j][0] are being made?

In hte second example, if num1 * Math.random() is 0, how often will the while loop get executed? (The answer may be an indication of a bug in that code).

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Is It Possible to Deprecate Method Parameters in PHP?
You could do something like this class Foo { } class Bar { public function createFoo(Foo $foo, $isPremiumFoo=false) { if (count(func_get_args()) > 1) { $warn = "isPremiumFoo is deprecated as will be removed in a future release"; trigger_error($warn, E_USER_NOTICE); } // continue with the implementation } } $fo

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What is the maximum number of parameters for a method (WebApi ? )
You mean technically or practically? :p The C# method parameter limit is 65,535. Most browsers only support an URL of 2000 to 4000 characters. Depending on the consumer of your API, there might be some restrictions there as well. But most importantly: what are you trying to do? Seriously? You're creating an API, simple methods that are easy to understand should be your main goal. I'm not sure a

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mockito : mock method call with parameters by reflection
This is a bad idea: you're trying to reimplement some of the systems Mockito already provides while losing out on many of the features Mockito offers. However, there is a way to make this work, with some difficulty. The key is to write a custom Answer, make it the default answer for the mock, and then compare your object, method name, and method parameter types using InvocationOnMock. public clas

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How I can get the latitude and longitude parameters inside the doInBackground method?
Well after so only had to do this to pass the coordinates. First add coordinate to constructor LatLng(double latitude, double longitude) and pass the parameters: lat = "-1.80"; lng = "-80.20"; LatLng latlng = new LatLng(lat, lng); new NameAsyncTask(context).execute(latlng); Then inside the doInbackground method get parameters: @Override protected String doInBackground(LatLng... params) { G

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How to call a method from programmatically created buttons with different parameters?
Use a lambda to define the event handler. This allows you to close over the local variable(s) that you'll need in your handler. Note that closures close over variables, not values, so you don't want to close over i (it won't be the value that you want it to be by the time the event fires). You'll need to make a copy of the loop variable inside of the loop so that you can close over that instead

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Big O analysis for method with multiple parameters
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