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Managing two roles in codeigniter

when you perform login action , From where you are calling can_log_in() method of model , Even you load the model but you are calling only $this->model_role->scalar('user_account','role') method which you give only "admin" parameter results in response .

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Managing Go dependencies on git
You should look at Glide. Glide provides simplified Go project management, dependency management, and vendoring. Glide basically changes your $GOPATH on the fly and keeps copies of your dependencies in a local structure instead of the global structure that is customary for a standard Go environment.

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C++ class for managing the access to database
I have my database module split into more than one file. For example, one file handles insertions, another file handles extractions and a third handles searches. Mine is actually more complex, but the practice should be to split up the code into separate themed files, preferably no more than 300 LOC (Lines Of Code).

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Managing postgresql views without having to write migrations?
What you are describing is just another type of migration that get reversed on deploy. This may make sense for your business needs, and if you get blocked by this technique, you can always fall back to the regular migration system. The best way to implement such a system in PostgreSQL is to create a schema that you drop on deploy. This way you don't have to create all the DROP VIEW ... commands,

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Nested loop in managing two files PYTHON
If the two files and the output file have the same number of lines, and the task is to merger each corresponding pair of lines form the input files to make each line of the output file, then you don't want nested loops: for line in file1: row1 = line.strip().split() line = file2.readline() row2 = line.strip().split() ... From there, you build your output line. Update: If the in

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Managing a database connection object in Django
It might be a good idea to create your own PYGRE_CONFIG dictionary in that has info about the server hostname, database name, login name etc. You can use it by using from django.conf import settings and settings.PYGRE_CONFIG. Then, create a separate application utils or pygre in the root of your project directory that manages the connection object (opening and closing it as needed usi

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