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KeyLisenter, repaint(), methods


Player does not have methods...

  • addKeyListener
  • repaint

It does not inherit from anything, therefore it can't call...

  • super.paint, as it's parent classes do not have this method...

You can't call what you don't have...

Player does not meet to contractual requirements of the KeyListener interface, it does not implement

  • public void keyReleased(KeyEvent e)

Painting is for painting the current state of the component, you should never modify the state of the component or any child components from within any paint method, as this can produce an infinite loop of repaints

Don't do:

  • this.setSize(600, 400); // Set the size of the applet - You should never try and set the size of an applet, the size is determined by the HTML tag
  • p.init();. Your paint method will be called a lot of times over the life cycle of your program, it's pointless to initialise objects within that require there state to be maintained between calls


  • Start by using a JApplet instead of an Applet
  • Extending your Player from a JPanel; override it's paintComponent method instead of it's paint method (calling super.paintComponent instead); override it's getPreferredSize method and return a reasonable default size for the component
  • add Player to the JApplet...
  • Use the key bindings API instead of KeyListener, see How to Use Key Bindings. This will save you a few more days of head scratching and frustration.

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