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Python & BS4: Start searching for term starting at certain div

From the link you provided, your price div is a child of priceblock div which again is a child of price_entry_table div, so in order to locate the div you want, you need to use parent, this is what it should look like:

pricediv = soup.find('div', {'class':
price = pricediv.text
# use parent.parent to get to the
price_entry_table div, then find location_name
locationdiv = pricediv.parent.parent.find('div',
{'class': 'location_name'})
location = locationdiv.text
print price, location

# sample result
1.379 Tankstelle Wagner/DBV W├╝rzburg

Also, if you need to access all divs, you may want to use findAll like @PadraicCunningham advised, something like this:

for pricediv in soup.findAll('div',
{'class': 'price'}):
    price = pricediv.text
    ... do your remaining code here ...

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