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Java implement tree search

You could navigate to the root of the tree first in a different method, then call your current recursive method.

private DefaultMutableTreeNode
search(int id, DefaultMutableTreeNode node){
    if(node == null){
        return null;
    node = node.getRoot(); //Turns out that this
class has a getRoot() method.
    return searchInternal(id,node); //Then does a
depth-first search from the root node.

private DefaultMutableTreeNode searchInternal(int
id, DefaultMutableTreeNode node){
    if(node == null){ //I also switched this
around, for good practice.
        return null;
    Employee emp = (Employee)
    if(emp.getId() == id){ //Found it!
        return node;
    DefaultMutableTreeNode foundNode =
searchInternal(id, node.getPreviousSibling());
    if(foundNode == null) {
        foundNode = search(id,

    return foundNode;

In general, recursive methods tend to run a bit slower in Java, and they are prone to stack overflowing. It's usually better to use a custom stack for depth-first search, and this doesn't require you to make a different method. Recursive methods might make the code more readable in some cases.

What also works, in this case:

private DefaultMutableTreeNode
search(int id, DefaultMutableTreeNode node){
    if(node == null){
        return null;
    Enumeration enumeration =
//Enumerate over all nodes in the tree.
        DefaultMutableTreeNode next =;
if(((Employee)next.getUserObject()).getId() ==
id){ //Found it!
            return next;
    return null;

Turns out that depth-first searching is already implemented by Swing. This is a post-order enumeration though. See the javadoc, there are also methods for the other types of traversals.

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