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C - segfault when trying to use strdup

strdup(token) segfaulting is most likely explained by token being NULL. (You don't need to strdup here anyway). Change that piece of code to:

if ( token == NULL )
    fprintf(stderr, "Invalid data in file.
    exit(EXIT_FAILURE);  // or some other error

tempID = atoi(token);

However a greater problem with the surrounding code is that you are trying to use strtok twice at once. It maintains internal state and you can only have one strtok "in progress" at any one time. The second one cancels the first one. You'll have to redesign that section of code.

Also, while(!feof(fp_rp)) is wrong, and your yelp mallocs the wrong number of bytes (although in the code posted you never actually try to store anything in that storage, so it would not cause an error just yet).

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