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Relational Dropdown/Select product attributes in Magento backend

It's not possible to create dependent product attributes directly or straight forwardly under Manage Attributes. But you can make your attributes depend on each other by creating Configurable products.

Lets say you have 2 colors (black and blue) and 2 sizes (L,XL) and you want to make your colors depend on sizes.

At first create 2 attributes size and
color of type dropdown under Manage attributes and
create the attribute options and values. and
Assign it to the right attribute set.

Now create the simple products , lets say product
A with size L and color Black and product B with
color Blue and size XL.

Now create a configurable product lets say AB and
associate these two simple products A and B. Save
the product.

If the customer opens the product AB and if they choose size L they can find only color Black. This is how you can make your product attributes dependent on each other.

Source: here

Or may be this is what you are looking for:

Hope it helps.

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