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How can I insert 2 other value in scanf one time

The problem is that the value read into b is the newline character (Enter key) that you pressed after typing in 67. Then reading numB fails because it tries to interpret D as numB.

If you had typed S 67 D 56 <Enter> (i.e. without the Enter in the middle) then you would get the right output.

To fix this, one way is to change your format string to " %c%d". The space means that it will consume any whitespace before trying to read a character.

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As you feared, movq %rcx, %rsi is not correct. You need to pass a pointer to memory. Registers are not part of the memory address space and thus you can't have pointers to them. You need to allocate storage either globally or locally. Incidentally, you should not put your data (especially writable) into the default .text section, as that is intended for code and is typically read-only. Also, calli

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scanf() reads characters with %c and yes, the ENTER key press [after your previous input] is pretty much vaild for %c [Check the below spoiler]. use scanf(" %c", &YN); //mind the space brefore `%c` ^ | to ignore any previously-stored [also, leading] whitespace [including a newline.] Note: This also eliminates the need for your getch();

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I do it in this way AnsiString s=Edit1->Text; // copy to real AnsiString ... the AnsiStrings inside visual components are not the same ... some functions/operations does not work properly for them int e,i,l=s.Length(); for(e=0,i=1;i<=l;) { e=1; // assume it is integer if (s[i]=='-') i++; // skip first minus sign for (;i<=l;i++) // scan all the rest if ((s[i]<'0')||(s[i]>

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In C90, this is UB. For C99 and C11, technically, it isn't, but the output is indeterminate. It's even possible, that another printf directly following will print a different value; uninitialized variables may appear to change without explicit action of the programme. Note, however, that an uninitialized variable can only be read if its address has been taken*) (which is done here in the scanf ca

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You can use it if you keep a pointer to the original data: mem_p = (int *) calloc(num_el, sizeof(int)); int* p = mem_p ; printf("Enter %d numbers", num_el); for(i = 0; i < num_el; i++) { scanf("%d", p++); } and then: p = mem_p ; printf("The numbers entered was: "); for(i = 0; i < num_el; i++) { printf("%d ", *p++ ); } You incremented the only pointer pointing to the entire arr

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