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Should I be getting this error : variable-sized object may not be initialized?

Yes. The error is expected: VLAs (variable length arrays) can't be initialized.

But real problem seems to be that you want thisBucketCount number of buckets which is not what this code does:


You probably want to allocate thisBucketCount number of bucket objects. So you need do:

 bucketP thisBucketArray =
malloc(thisBucketCount * sizeof(struct bucket));

 if (thisBucketArray == 0) 
 /*handle error */

 for (i = 0 ; i < thisBucketCount ; i++)
    thisBucketArray[i].collisionCount = 0;
    thisBucketArray[i].firstKey = 0x00;

Notice that I have removed the cast. casting the result of malloc() is error-prone and dangerous.

You should also check if malloc() failed by checking if it returns NULL.

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