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Getting Wrong Results Python

I think you're just testing your class wrong; Example[x] should be doodads[x].

doodads = []
doodads.append(doodads[0] * doodads[3]) #blue
doodads.append(doodads[3] * doodads[4]) #red


red  weighing 5 grams. Value =
10.000000 points. S/N= 1001
red  weighing 8 grams. Value = 9.000000 points.
S/N= 1002
blue  weighing 20 grams. Value = 15.000000 points.
S/N= 1003
green  weighing 2 grams. Value = 5.000000 points.
S/N= 1004
blue  weighing 5 grams. Value = 7.000000 points.
S/N= 1005
red  weighing 5 grams. Value = 6.000000 points.
S/N= 1006

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