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Swift UILabel is nil (error) when app goes in background

Rather than trying to hold a reference to your view controller from your app delegate, it is better to simply have your view controller subscribe to the foreground entry event -

In your viewDidLoad add the following

selector: Selector("enteringForeground:"),
object: nil)

The add a function to your ViewController

func enteringForeground(notification:
NSNotification) {
   // Whatever you need to do to refresh UI
   // DO NOT CALL viewDidLoad

deinit {



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When setting the label's frame, you could use the imageView.frame as reference. Something like this: let labelX = imageView.frame.origin.x let labelY = imageView.frame.origin.y + imageView.frame.height label = UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(labelX, labelY, imageView.frame.width, 21)) // The last variable, 21, is the label's height. Change as you see fit.

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Outlets will never be set in your init method, because the XIB file/storyboard isn't loaded at that point. It should work in viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear:. If it doesn't it probably means your outlet link is broken. That's the most common reason for code that works with outlets that seems like it should work but doesn't.

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