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How read/write data on my laptop BIOS?

There is a Win32_BIOS WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) class that you will be able to instantiate and query through methods in the System.Management namespace. I don't know specifically if this class has a property for BIOS chipset - if not, you could maybe look at Win32_Processor although this is designed to return information on the CPU, not the BIOS.

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Audio not playing in Ipad but is playing in laptop
You need to ensure you have made a srcset, that covers all supported codecs on all devices / browsers.

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cannot write to a file using write(line)
line is a DataFrame object, not a character buffer object, and so can't be written directly to a file handler. To maintain formatting, etc. (depending on the contents of your df) you could try calling the to_json() function, then writing the resulting JSON string to your file. Alternatively, you could pickle the dataframe using to_pickle(), and write that to a file.

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Write-back vs Write-Through
The benefit of write-through to main memory is that it simplifies the design of the computer system. With write-through, the main memory always has an up-to-date copy of the line. So when a read is done, main memory can always reply with the requested data. If write-back is used, sometimes the up-to-date data is in a processor cache, and sometimes it is in main memory. If the data is in a proc

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Best way to write this in Linq
What you're looking for is SelectMany. var bname = buildings.SelectMany(b => b.BuildingName); Note, if you're going to be enumerating over the result multiple times with foreach then you will probably want to ToList() it, so you have a hard list rather than an enumerable that is executed every time you enumerate it. var bname = buildings.SelectMany(b => b.BuildingName).ToList();

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Read and Write on Python
Open() def Open(): try: infile = open("grades.txt", "r") except: print("Error: can't find file or read data") When you open file for reading the mode needs to r.Or else it will create a new file cleeaning the old data.Also assign input in try block to grade.

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