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How do I transition back to the GameScene in SpriteKit?

The funny thing is that I just had the same problem as you. It took me a while, but I solved it by adding this to GameScene:

override init(size: CGSize) {
    super.init(size: size)

Give it a try!

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SpriteKit add one node's children to another
This should do the trick (untested), just add them one by one: for (CCNode* node in [oneNode.children copy]) { [node removeFromParent]; [anotherNode addChild:node]; } The copy is needed to avoid mutating the children array while enumerating it. Alternatively you could also use the reverseObjectEnumerator. Removing the node must be done so addChild: won't complain about the node alread

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Objective C: SpriteKit - wrong frame
With the help of AMI289 (see comments), we figured out how to repair this. First, I went to the project settings, and under General I removed the text from "Launch Screen File". Then, I added Launch Image Source. Afterwards, I removed the launch image set file and created new one. This made the menuImage fit the whole screen in correct resolution. Note: This might work only when using launch ima

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Spritekit bodywithbodies using Swift exception
The method to create a physics body from a collection of bodies requires an array of physics body objects; you are passing it an array of sprites. To fix this issue, change the method call to let box = SKPhysicsBody(bodies:[base.physicsBody,side1.physicsBody,side2.physicsBody])

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How to lower a UIView element in a SpriteKit scene
Here's a SpriteKit-friendly way to draw random lines on a background image. The basic steps are Create a blank image Convert the image to an SKTexture Create a sprite with the texture Draw a random line on the image Update the sprite's texture with the image Wait for 0.1 seconds Iterate over steps 4-6 In GameScene.m, add the following -(void)didMoveToView:(SKView *)view { self.scaleMode

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Unexpected behavior when implementing SpriteKit tap handler in Swift
You are setting to "sprite1." let size = CGSizeMake(32, 32) let sprite1 = SKSpriteNode(color: SKColor.blueColor(), size: size) = "sprite1" sprite1.position = CGPointMake(100, 100) self.addChild(sprite1) let sprite2 = SKSpriteNode(color: SKColor.redColor(), size: size) = "sprite1" //here sprite2.position = CGPointMake(150, 100)

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