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Access list elements inside of tuples

You can do this to get c, for example:


This works because the second element of tup_a is tup_a[1]. We write [2] at the end of that to access the third element of tup_a[1]. Remember that elements are numbered starting from 0.

You may find it convenient to have a variable pointing to the list:

my_list = tup_a[1]

This expression also works:

(_, my_list) = tup_a

That's called unpacking a tuple. You can also write it without parentheses:

_, my_list = tup_a

Use the underscore, _, if you're not interested in the first element of the tuple. Or put a variable name there if you want to refer to it later.

tup_a = (2014, ['ant', 'bear', 'cat'])
the_value, my_list = tup_a
print('the value is %d' % the_value)
print('my list is %s' % my_list)

Once you have my_list, you can access the elements without worrying about the tuple. Here's a nice way to iterate over the elements of a list:

for i, element in enumerate(my_list):
    print('element %d of my list is %s' % (i,

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