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How can I create a list pulling data from another list of objects

objectList = ...;
ObservableList<String> stringAList =, obj -> obj.a);

This solution uses the EasyBind library.

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Re create as objects and classes PHP
You can store the values in a object like $obj = new stdClass; //create new standard class object $obj->id = $row['id']; //assign property value $obj->title = $row['title']; //further properties ... and so on

Categories : PHP
How to create multiple objects using ArrayList?
Try this: ArrayList<Sec> secs = new ArrayList<Sec>(50); // Declare this as a class field Inside that class' constructor, loop and add new Sec instances to each location. public YourClass() { for(int i = 0; i < 50; i++) secs.add(new Sec(...)); //include whatever valid arguments to Sec constructor }

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How does one create iterateable lists of objects in C++?
Try this (C++11) - looks almost like Python: std::vector<Car> cars = {{"Red", 1986}, {"Black", 2007}, {"Blue", 1993}}; for (const Car& car : cars) { std::cout << "The car has the color " << car.color << " and is " << (2014 - car.year) << " years old." << std::endl; } C++ constructs involved: std::vector list initialization range for

Categories : Python
Create a crossfilter dimension of structured objects
As per Ethan's comment, the following code worked to create the dimension: var dim = myCrossFilter.dimension(function(row) { return new KeyValue(, row.postcode);}); In order for it to work and filter correctly, I overrode the valueOf method in my KeyValue object. I should have mentioned that I'm actually writing this in Typescript, not Javascript, so my TypeScript code for the KeyValu

Categories : Misc
C# create and manipulate an array of Employee objects
This reads like homework but I'll help you out. You create your employee class with it's three members and methods. then you create an array of employee objects. //How Many employee objects do you need. Let's assume 10 for example int NUM = 10; Employee[] employees = new Employee[NUM]; // Declare an An array of employee's of length 10 (zero indexed from 0 - 9) //Assuming you have made Gett

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