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Python's `email.message.as_string` encodes some parts as base64; unclear why

Use as_bytes instead. So change your print to:


reason is in policy documentation

A cte_type value of 8bit only works with BytesGenerator, not Generator, because strings cannot contain binary data. If a Generator is operating under a policy that specifies cte_type=8bit, it will act as if cte_type is 7bit.

And as_string use Generator, but as_bytes use BytesGenerator which you need

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You've tagged this question as 'mongodb' so I'm going guessing having mongodb related answers might help. (Although your question doesn't appear mongo specific.) Mongodb has a $type operator that allows you to query documents containing specific types: This operator works in both a standard find queries and aggregation queries.

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You have to write some kind of parser for this. You don't need to use regular expressions if you don't understand them. For example, given your two examples, this would work just as well: with open(path) as f: for line in f: columns = line.split() if columns[0] == 'com_pos' and columns[1] == '=': numbers = [float(column.rstrip(',')) for column in columns[2:]]

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You can use split: >>> aff,HP,AD = raw_input("Enter the Monster Affinity|HP|AD> ").split('|') Enter the Monster Affinity|HP|AD> a|11|22 >>> aff 'a' >>> HP '11' >>> AD '22' But if you want to use index, you can use the start argument (S.index(sub [,start [,end]]) -> int) >>> monster = raw_input("Enter the Monster Affinity|HP|AD> ") Enter

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Hence the open's binary mode you have to use 'wb' else it gets saved as "text" basically. import base64 # base64FileData <= the base64 file data fileData = base64.urlsafe_b64decode(base64FileData.encode('UTF-8')) with open('thefilename.pdf', 'wb') as theFile: theFile.write(fileData)

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^(s|&nbsp;)*([0-9:]+)s+(S.*S)svss(S.*S)s*$ in the replace, time will be in $1 home team in $2 away team in $3 (and the score for the third match will be 0-3) Demo here In your PHP file : $game1 = ' 04:60 FC Heidenheim 1846 vs SV Sandhausen '; //I strip the &nbsp;'s first to have a simpler regexp $game1 = str_replace('&nbsp;',' ',$game1); preg_match ("@^s*([0-9:]+)s+(S.*S)svs

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