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Syntax error in for-loop

You have problems with indentation and colons. Specifically, each for statement needs a colon at the end, just before the following indented block of code.

Also, all code within a block needs to be at the same level of indentation. In your code, the last two lines are indented two extra characters. Here is the fixed code:

def grayScale(source):
    # Note indentation
    for y in range(0,height): # Note a colon here
        for x in range(0,width): # And here
            r = getPixel(getRed(source))
            g = getPixel(getGreen(source))
            b = getPixel(getBlue(source))
            average = (r + g + b) / 3
            newColor =
            setColor = newColor

# Your code...

Make sure to read about flow control in Python.

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