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package.json (javascript npm) or requirements.txt (python pip) equivalent for ruby

Well, Which programming language has the best package manager? | Continuous Updating as well as the two SO questions linked in my question all point to Bundler: The best way to manage a Ruby application's gems.

I guess the workflow is gem install bundler, add gems to Gemfile, then bundle install.

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javascript equivalent to python's dictionary.get
You can check that a key exists easily in javascript by accessing it. if (output["conditionA"]) { if(output["deeply"]) { if(output["deeply"]["nested"]) { if(output["deeply"]["nested"]["array"]) { if(output["deeply"]["nested"]["array"].indexOf("conditionB") !== -1) { return; } } } } } console.error("There is an error somewhere you need to be fixin

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PHP equivalent of JavaScript bind
Actually, $this does refer to $qux when called in that context. You can't use $this in contexts other than an object method, so if you took something like this: function test() { echo $this->baz; } It wouldn't work, no matter what you do.

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C# Dictionary equivalent in JavaScript
Yes, it's called an object. Object have keys and values just like C# dictonaries. Keys are always strings. In your case the object would look like this: { "1": { "Id": 1, "Name":" Kevin Shields" }, "2": { "Id": 2, "Name": "Natasha Romanoff" } } The default serializer produces ugly JSON. A better alternative would be Json.NET.

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What is the equivalent of isset($_POST['name']) in javascript?
Can try something like below var post_val = <?= json_encode($_POST) ?>; if (typeof post_val['2'] == 'undefined') { document.getElementById("4").disabled = true; }

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Python equivalent of Matlabs Legendre function
Ok, well I think you will have trouble replicating these reslults using this module, as judging by the name only deals with the legendre polynomials (These are the solutions to the legendre equation where mu = 0, otherwise known as order 0 solutions) I don't know matlab, but looking at the documentation, your input is calculating the results of the legendre functions of up to the order of the deg

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