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Issue getting a graphic triangle to show on my JPanel east in BorderLayout

I've added your code. I think that your issue is that your TriGoPanel doesn't override getPreferredSize, and so it may be sizing itself quite small. Consider adding to the class something like:

   public Dimension getPreferredSize() {
      if (isPreferredSizeSet()) {
         return super.getPreferredSize();
      return new Dimension(PREF_W, PREF_H);

where you have int constants, PREF_W, PREF_H, for your width and height dimensions.


Edit: and I strongly second everything that MadProgrammer recommended!

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There are a lot of ways to do graphics in Windows. The lowest level and most fundamental is to use the Win32 APIs that employ the GDI (Graphics Device Interface), which is built in to Windows. With GDI calls you can paint anything to the screen, and the same GDI calls can be used to paint on an in-memory bitmap that is off screen. To get started in this direction search the net for Win32 tutorials

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No need to invent the wheel (especially if you are new to the plattform!) Set up a UICollectionView and allow it to scroll horizontally. Make the datasource return image names that are your book pages. And you are (almost) done! Here is something that seems to explain something similar (although in Objective C):

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There's no need to wrap graphic and text in a box, since you can select how to display your content with setContentDisplay(): title.setContentDisplay(ContentDisplay.RIGHT); Once you have the image at the right you need to set the gap between the image and the text. For that, we can use some lookups to get the real dimensions of the nodes in the title, once the stage is shown. Finally, we bind

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According to the documentation, base64.decode takes 2 arguments: input and output. You certainly want to use base64.b64decode(s) which returns the decoded string.

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If you are using data in memory, instead of a file, then it should be data=background_image try: import Tkinter as tk ## Python 2.x except ImportError: import tkinter as tk ## Python 3.x grape_gif=''' R0lGODlhIAAgALMAAAAAAAAAgHCAkC6LV76+vvXeswD/ANzc3DLNMubm+v/6zS9PT6Ai8P8A//// /////yH5BAEAAAkALAAAAAAgACAAAAS00MlJq7046803AF3ofAYYfh8GIEvpoUZcmtOKAO5rLMva 0rYVKqX5IEq3XDAZo1GGiOhw5r

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