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Reference an previously made object

a very quick fix for that:

private static List<Department>
private static List<Professor> professors;

private static List<Department>
    if (departments == null)
      departments = new List<Department> 
          new Department
            DepartmentID = 1,
            Name = "Psychology"

    return departments;

private static List<Professor>
    if (professors == null)
       professors = new List<Professor> 
          new Professor
            ProfessorID = 1,
            Name = "John Doe",
            Department = SeedDepartments().Where(d
=> d.DepartmentID == 1),
            Tenured = true

    return professors;

assuming that the departments load before the proffesors.

but i really think that you really should take static c'tor as an alternative as described in msdn:

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