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org.hibernate.HibernateException: Missing table: all

I do not know why, but this line in the Groovy config (build.gradle) solved my problem.

Line 1 of file: import static

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Tomcat and Hibernate: HibernateException: Unable to determine appropriate DataSource to use
The cause of this problem was a circular dependency when using Guice dependency injection. A module had a dependency on the servlet context in order to contruct the DataSource, but GuiceServletContextListener constructs the injector before the context is available. See for more information and a workaround.

Categories : Java
org.hibernate.HibernateException: The database returned no natively generated identity value With db mysql
You forget to use the auto_increment in Your database table. The Table table definition some thing like the below format, CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE ( ID INT AUTO_INCREMENT, FIRST_NAME VARCHAR(20), LAST_NAME VARCHAR(20), SALARY INT, PRIMARY KEY (ID) ) ENGINE=InnoDB;

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hibernate auditions generating same rev id in for multiple insert in one table
A revid always span modifications in multiple tables! Yes, the inserts are called at the end of the transaction, but: If you use optimistic transaction isolation, a transaction can read the uncommitted state of another transactions that are currently active but not yet committed. If you become a integrityconstraintsviolation the column rev_id is unfortunatelly configured "unique". This is a wron

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Insert data to a table using hibernate inside rest web service
This problem arises most commonly when there are multiple versions of the ASM JAR on the runtime classpath. ASM used to be a popular library and therefore many other libraries have historically depended on it. However, when the runtime classpath contains multiple versions of the ASM JAR, only one is version of the JAR is loaded (which one is loaded varies by platform). You need to scan your run

Categories : Java
Find Missing Employees in Salary table
Your salary table has more rows than your employees table. About three million vs. about three hundred thousand. The salary table has a two-part primary key, which means one employee might have multiple salaries with different from_dates. You know, for raises and stuff.

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