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Get Rails base URL if not in controller

If you don't have a request (which you don't, in the context of a background worker), then you can't tell the URL automatically and the only way is to set it explicitly. You could set it as an environment variable, or set it as a constant in an initializer, and then get it from there.

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Passing data from Ajax to Rails controller
Within your ajax call you should specify the method (in this case, looks like a GET) and the data required: $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "/songs_echowrap/" + randomA.a_name, data: randomA.a_name, }).success(function(data) { Do Stuff } }); });

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How to extract certain text from a controller in Rails into column
Message.user = content First of all this won't work, because Message here is class name Probably you should use @message or something around it To extract username you can use regex, or simply text.split(' ').select { |word| word[0] == '@' }

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POST 422 (Unprocessable Entity) in Rails? Due to the routes or the controller?
I got it working! I added a... skip_before_action :verify_authenticity_token to the controller. The issue was found when checking out the logs and seeing that the CSRF token could not be verified.

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Send form params to controller without a model in Rails
Use form_tag with your path. I have used /user_email/send_email. change it according to the route your have setup in routes.rb <%= form_tag('/user_email/send_email') do %> <%= text_field_tag(:subject, class: 'form-control')%> <%= submit_tag "Submit"%> <% end %>

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Get "ActionView::MissingTemplate" error, when I post json to rails controller from angular
You are not explicitly rendering anything in the test method so rails is looking for a template to send back as a response. However, you don't have a json template in your api/v1/dropdowns/ folder (I think it will look for a file called test.json in your case). You can solve this by either sending back a response explicitly, (check out this guide for more about rendering a response. def test

Categories : Ruby On Rails
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