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Gulp sass output paths for files Google Chrome can't resolve path

Are you using gulp-sass or gulp-ruby-sass ?

If you are using gulp-sass, gulp-sourcemaps is required for source map support. Check out docs

If your are using gulp-ruby-sass version < 1.0.0, you have to set sourcemap option along with sourcemapPath

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How to serve static files with django that has hardcoded relative paths on Heroku/OpenShift/etc?
Storing static/media files on Heroku's servers is problematic and discouraged. There are workarounds but it's easier to use an alternative to host these. Plus, when a dyno is respun the files on Heroku will be erased. Instead, use a web service to store your files. These files are collected via collectstatic (which runs each time you push to Heroku), this is expected behavior. For both ease of u

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How to resolve oAuth 2.0 Google Spreadsheets authentication issue?
This is what worked for me: $client = new Google_Client(); $client->setApplicationName(GOOGLE_APPLICATION_NAME); $client->setClientId(GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID); $key = file_get_contents(GOOGLE_KEY_FILE); $cred = new Google_Auth_AssertionCredentials( GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL, array(GOOGLE_SPREADSHEETS_URL), $key ); $client->setAssertionCredentials($cred); if($client->getAuth()->is

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Is it possible to output log/trace in chrome, and remove for production?
Well this depends a lot on your dev environment. I usually declare a global ENV variable in which I store the app state. You could make a new module Log in which you will check if the ENV is development. If this is the case then you will call console.log() or what do you prefer for your logging needs. If the ENV var tells the browser that the app is in production mode than in your Log module you d

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solutions to resolve enum field naming restriction in Google protobuf due to C++
The prevailing solution in existing code is option (2): give each enumerant name a prefix corresponding to its type. This also helps reduce collisions with macros. It's verbose, but unlike the other options suggested, it has no runtime overhead and it creates the least confusion for people reading the code. (FWIW, Cap'n Proto has escaped this problem by using C++11 enum classes. It's unlikely tha

Categories : Java
How to close google chrome using javascript?
You could try using: self.close(); It works in Chrome, Safari, IE but not sure about Firefox. Also, there's a new way to close windows using the new method window.close() in the dev version of Chrome: see here. But I recommend using the first method as it currently works.

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Gulp sass output paths for files Google Chrome can't resolve path
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