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Segment fault with execvp

I'm seeing a problem with the following code:

char *args[6] = {"tar","-xzvf",
strncpy(args[2],argv[0]), "-C", "/home/bg/Desktop 
/Project/", NULL};

Specifically, with the strncpy for two reasons: 1) strncpy() takes three arguments, and you have only specified 2, and 2) it is attempting to copy argv[0] (the program name) into args[2], which is an array of pointers, not a buffer to contain the program name.

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Why does os.execvp block on apache but not on the shell?
I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is because Apache is not waiting on your process, but on your whole process group. When you fork a new process, it inherits your process group. And exec doesn't change that. If you want to force it to detach, you have to do so explicitly, e.g., by using setpgrp: pid = os.fork() if not pid: os.setpgrp() os.execvp(program, (program,"")) Depending

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Cloud9 IDE with local SSH Workspace - Terminal Window throws execvp(): no such file or directory
Perhaps the working directory you specified for that workspace doesn't exist? That could cause a message like this to appear. If it does exist, please try contacting Cloud9 support (

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Invalid Segment Alignment
There is a post on that: Basically you still need to wait for a new Air SDK to be released to correct all the problems. A lot has happened on iOS and more will happen with the release of x64, let's see if Adobe keeps up.

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D3 multiline chart with dotted segment
Theoretically, there's a way to solve this simply by setting the correct stroke dash-array String. Something like dash-array: 200 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4;. These are obviously just sample values, but the idea is to have a really long dash (200 in this example), spanning from the beginning of time till the end of the 2nd-to-last month, and then have a series of dashes (4 4 4...) in the remain

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Android HLS plays first segment then only audio
This was solved by adding the #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY tag after each url. The reason the audio kept playing and the video stopped is because each video segment had the same start time 1.4(unfortunately a value I cannot change in my application). See for more detail

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