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kPFCachePolicyCacheThenNetwork Cache Miss

If you want to check for the cache miss you should check for error code 120. Just return (without presenting your UIAlertView) if you see that code.

If you want to show the error message only after the 1st time the error is seen, save a flag in NSUserDefaults that indicates the first cache miss has been encountered, and check for error code 120 and that the NSUserDefaults flag is not set. I'm not sure why you'd ever want to show a user that there has been a cache miss, especially if your policy is to go to the network after hitting the cache, because it's sort of irrelevant to them because the last (network) failure is the important one.

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To disable the automatic UIAlertView that is shown when using the PFQueryTableViewController (or if you have enabled it) and an error is encountered or the user is offline, you can use the following code:

[Parse errorMessagesEnabled:NO];
[Parse offlineMessagesEnabled:NO];

Depending on which types of messages you want to show. I find it typically best to disable all of these, and handle errors within the application logic rather than showing alerts when any error appears, as things like cache misses, or no-data returned can result in errors being raised.

If you'd still like to use the parse alert view for errors, but not show cache miss errors, then what you can do is set your cache policy based on the cache contents. You can test a query to see if it has cached results with something like...

if ([myQuery hasCachedResults]) {
  myQuery.cachePolicy =
} else {
  myQuery.cachePolicy = kPFCachePolicyNetworkOnly;

Then run your query.

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