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How to read two characters at once from one string and copy into another

Your code is completely wrong. This might help:

char *buffer = (char*)malloc(16 *
char *source = "purpleredblue";

char *dst = buffer;
char *src = source;
char *end = source + strlen(source);

while (src <= end)
    strncpy(dst, src, 2);

    dst += 2;
    src += 2;

printf("%s", buffer);

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extract a string number in string of characters and numbers in C programming
Yes using atoi you can extract integer no. int atoi(const char *str) Please refer following link

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How to check if one string's characters exist and are in the same position as those in another string?
guessed = input() correct_chars = 0 wordtoguess = ['T', 'R', 'A', 'N', 'S', 'M', 'I', 'S', 'S', 'I', 'O', 'N'] for i, c in enumerate(guessed): try: if c.upper() == wordtoguess[i]: correct_chars += 1 except IndexError: pass print(correct_chars)

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Removing characters from string in R
Try library(stringr) str1 <- c(" Green ", "Blue", " Red " ) str_replace_all(str1, "([ ])", "") #[1] "Green" "Blue" "Red" Or using stringi library(stringi) stri_replace_all_regex(str1, "[ ]", "") #[1] "Green" "Blue" "Red" Update Suppose, if there are multiple words in the string, the gsub and str_replace_all would provide the same output. x <- c(" Green ", "Blue"

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copy certain characters from one string to another in assembly
After mov cl, [bx+1] check, whether cx is zero. If cx is zero, you have to break the loop at this point, because otherwise, the loop would be repeted 65536 times. Insert this code in the line after mov cl, [bx+1]: cmp cx, 0 je exit and insert a label exit (or whatever you want to insert) at the end. This makes sure, that the code is not executed if cx is zero.

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How would one alternately add 2 characters into a string in python?
You could use itertools.cycle() to forever alternate between the characters: from itertools import cycle result = ''.join([c for pair in zip(inputstring, cycle('+*')) for c in pair])[:-1] You do need to remove that last + added on, but this does work just fine otherwise: >>> from itertools import cycle >>> inputstring = '12345' >>> ''.join([c for pair in zip(inputs

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