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symfony : can't we have a hidden entity field?

I think you are simply confused about the field types and what they each represent.

An entity field is a type of choice field. Choice fields are meant to contain values selectable by a user in a form. When this form is rendered, Symfony will generate a list of possible choices based on the underlying class of the entity field, and the value of each choice in the list is the id of the respective entity. Once the form is submitted, Symfony will hydrate an object for you representing the selected entity. The entity field is typically used for rendering entity associations (like for example a list of roles you can select to assign to a user).

If you are simply trying to create a placeholder for an ID field of an entity, then you would use the hidden input. But this only works if the form class you are creating represents an entity (ie the form's data_class refers to an entity you have defined). The ID field will then properly map to the ID of an entity of the type defined by the form's data_class.

EDIT: One solution to your particular situation described below would be to create a new field type (let's call it EntityHidden) that extends the hidden field type but handles data transformation for converting to/from an entity/id. In this way, your form will contain the entity ID as a hidden field, but the application will have access to the entity itself once the form is submitted. The conversion, of course, is performed by the data transformer.

Here is an example of such an implementation, for posterity:

namespace MyBundleFormExtensionType;

use SymfonyComponentFormAbstractType;
use SymfonyComponentFormFormBuilderInterface;
use SymfonyComponentFormDataTransformerInterface;

 * Entity hidden custom type class definition
class EntityHiddenType extends AbstractType
     * @var DataTransformerInterface $transformer
     private $transformer;

     * Constructor
     * @param DataTransformerInterface
    public function
__construct(DataTransformerInterface $transformer)
        $this->transformer = $transformer;

     * @inheritDoc
    public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface
$builder, array $options)
        // attach the specified model transformer
for this entity list field
        // this will convert data between object
and string formats

     * @inheritDoc
    public function getParent()
        return 'hidden';

     * @inheritDoc
    public function getName()
        return 'entityhidden';

Just note that in the form type class, all you have to do is assign your hidden entity to its corresponding form field property (within the form model/data class) and Symfony will generate the hidden input HTML properly with the ID of the entity as its value. Hope that helps.

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