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Checking for syllables, python

Here's how the question breaks down:

(1) the signature of the required function:

r""" (list of str, poetry pattern,
pronunciation dictionary) -> list of str

(2) a guarantee about the structure of the inputs:

Precondition: len(poem_lines) ==

(3) specification of the returm value:

Return a list of lines from poem_lines
that do not have the right number of
syllables for the poetry pattern according to the
pronunciation dictionary.
If all lines have the right number of syllables,
return the empty list.

(4) sample input - first argument [list of str]:

>>> poem_lines = ['The first
line leads off,', 'With a gap before the next.',
'Then the poem ends.']

(5) sample input - second argument [poetry pattern]:

>>> pattern = ([5, 5, 4],
['*', '*', '*'])

(6) sample input - third argument [pronunciation dictionary]:

>>> word_to_phonemes =
{'NEXT': ['N', 'EH1', 'K', 'S', 'T'],
...                     'GAP': ['G', 'AE1', 'P'],
...                     'BEFORE': ['B', 'IH0',
'F', 'AO1', 'R'],
...                     'LEADS': ['L', 'IY1', 'D',
...                     'WITH': ['W', 'IH1',
...                     'LINE': ['L', 'AY1', 'N'],
...                     'THEN': ['DH', 'EH1',
...                     'THE': ['DH', 'AH0'], 
...                     'A': ['AH0'], 
...                     'FIRST': ['F', 'ER1', 'S',
...                     'ENDS': ['EH1', 'N', 'D',
...                     'POEM': ['P', 'OW1',
'AH0', 'M'],
...                     'OFF': ['AO1', 'F']}

(7) first sample output - return value [list of str]:

check_syllables(poem_lines, pattern,
['With a gap before the next.', 'Then the poem

(8) second sample output - return value [list of str]:

>>> poem_lines = ['The first
line leads off,']
>>> check_syllables(poem_lines, ([0],
['*']), word_to_phonemes)

The first sample output (7) shows the expected return value for input lines (5) which do not match the pattern (6). That is, the three input lines have the pattern [5, 7, 5], which does not match the pattern [5, 5, 4] in the last two elements, and so the corresponding lines are returned by the function.

The second sample input (8) shows what the output should be when the input lines (5) do match the pattern (6) - i.e. an empty list should be returned.


It looks like there is a in error in (8). The sample code should probably be:

check_syllables(poem_lines, ([5], ['*']),

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