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How can I access variables in multiple homonymous files

I don't know why, but the answerer didn't use the answer function to answer, so I have to in order to make this Question closable:

"If they redefine constants: you're out of luck. If talking only variables: you can include those files in a function with limited scope, and set some container value to the output of get_defined_vars(); after some cleanup."

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This will log your Red and Yellow cells in a Sheet called "Log Sheet" in the workbook from which you run this code. Add/name this sheet and any formatting you require yourself. Getting the cell colour of conditionally formatted cells is tricky but you may find help in this article. I have included a column in the Log Sheet to identify IF there are conditionally formatted cells in the worksheet b

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applying the same command to multiple files in multiple subdirectories
Use find: find . -type f -iname "*.fastq" -exec python script {} ; .: The top-most directory -type f: Only files -iname "*.fastq": File name ends in .fastq (case insensitive) -exec python script: The command you want to execute.

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Is there a way to use an MS Access DB (MDB files) on Azure Websites?
Specifically for a cloud service, you can do the following: Create a cloud service that wraps your core project/site. Include the MDB in the project that is wrapped from (1). Many ways to do that. Include any executables or scripts you want to be deployed as well. You can add them to a Visual Studio project and set their Build Action to Content. In the project that is wrapped, include a WebRole

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You are running into the issue of Scope. Where a variable is declared determines its availability. You probably know how to make variables visible to all methods in a form: Public Class Form1 Private varA As String Private var2 As Integer These will be available to all methods in the form because the are declared at the Form level (unlike a variable declared (Dim) inside a procedure w

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Each time you call load you delete the previous configuration (in the line @@config = nil). If you want the configuration to be a merger of all files you will want to merge the new configuration to the existing configuration rather than overriding it. Something like this: def self.load name @@config ||= {} io = File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/../../../config/config.yml" ) YAML::load_

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