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PetaPoco - How to turn off auto increment?

I agree It is a really strange and confusing behavior because their API is not always using that attribute.

There are two ways to make it work.

One is by not using the attribute in your example and using the overloaded method with the autoIncrement parameter, and setting it to false. Here is a full example:

// Create a PetaPoco database object
var db = new PetaPoco.Database("ConnectionSt");

// Create an article
var a = new Article
    article_id = 152,
    title = "My new article",
    content = "PetaPoco was here",
    date_created = DateTime.UtcNow

// Insert it by turning off auto-increment
db.Insert("articles", "article_id", false, a);

The other is to use the insert method that takes an object as a parameter:

// Create an article
var a = new Articles
    article_id = 1111,
    title = "My new article",
    content = "PetaPoco was here",
    date_created = DateTime.UtcNow

// Insert it by using the insert method that will
use the attribute!

The overload that takes an object as a parameter is the only one that uses the PrimaryKey attribute internally, and it should work like a charm in your scenario.

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