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Can you hook pyramid into twisted, skipping the wsgi part?

Twisted Web lets you interpret HTTP request bodies (regardless of content-type, HTML or otherwise) incrementally as they're received - but it doesn't make doing so very easy. There's a very old ticket that we never seem to make much progress on for improving this situation. Until it's resolved, there probably isn't a better answer than the one I'm about to give. This incremental HTTP request body delivery, I think, is what you're looking for here (because you said you expect requests to "be a big HTML chunk").

The hook for incremental request body handling is Request.handleContentChunk. You can see a complete demonstration of its use in my answer to Python server for streaming request body content.

This gives you the data as it arrives at the server. If you want to use Pyramid, you'll have to construct a Pyramid request that uses this data. Most of the initialization of the Pyramid request object should be straightforward (eg filling the environ dictionary with the request headers - you can take these from Request.requestHeaders). The slightly trickier part will be initializing the Pyramid request object's body - which is supposed to be a file-like object that provides synchronous access to the request body.

On the one hand, if you dispatch the request before the request body has been completely received then you avoid the cost of buffering the entire request body in memory. On the other hand, if you let application code begin to read the request body then you have to deal with the circumstance that it tries to read beyond the point in the data which has actually arrived at the server. This can be dealt with. The body file-like object is expected to present a blocking interface. All you have to do is block until the data is available.

Here's a brief (incomplete, not meant to actually work) sketch of what I mean:

# XXX Note: Queue is not actually
thread-safe.  Use a safer primitive.
from Queue import Queue

class Body(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self._buffer = Queue()
        self._pending = b""
        self._eof = False

    def read(self, how_many):
        if self._eof:
            return b""

        if self._pending == b"":
            data = self._buffer.get()
            if data is None:
                self._eof = True
                return b""
                self._pending = data

        if self._pending is None:

        result = self._pending[:how_many]
        self._pending = self._pending[how_many:]
        return result

    def _add_data(self, data):

You can create an instance of this type, initialize the Pyramid request object's body attribute with it, and then call _add_data on it in the Twisted Request class's handleContentChunk callback.

You could also implement this as an enhancement to Twisted's own WSGI server. For the sake of simplicity, Twisted's WSGI server does read the entire request body before dispatching the request to the WSGI application - but it doesn't have to. If this is the only problem with WSGI then it'd be better to improve the quality of the WSGI implementation and keep the interface rather than both implementing the improvement and stepping outside of the interface (tying you more closely to both Twisted and Pyramid - unnecessarily).

The second half of the problem, generating response bodies incrementally, shouldn't really be a problem. Twisted's WSGI container will write out response data as the WSGI application object yields it. Or if you use twisted.web.resource instead of the WSGI interface, you can call request.write as many times as you like, at any time you like (up until you call request.finish). The only trick is that if you want to do this you must return NOT_DONE_YET from the render method.

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