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Uploading large Files with HttpWebRequest (AllowWriteSteamBuffering doesnt solve this)

I tried several Methods, and a kind of internal chunked Upload (but the Chunked-Property of the HttpWebRequest is false) works:

            long bytesRead = 0;
            long splitBytes = 1000000;  // ≈ 1
            int dataPacks =
            FileStream fileStream = new
FileStream(file.Path, FileMode.Open,
            byte[] fileBuffer = new
            Stream requestStream =
            requestStream.Write(postBuffer, 0,
            while (fileStream.Read(fileBuffer, 0,
fileBuffer.Length) != 0)
                if (bytesRead + splitBytes <=
requestStream.Write(fileBuffer, 0,
                    bytesRead += splitBytes;
requestStream.Write(fileBuffer, 0,
(int)(file.FileSize - bytesRead));
                    bytesRead += (file.FileSize -

It works even on servers which don't accept a real-chunked upload.

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