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Render a partial as a layout

I think that if you just want to include a partial in another view you should user render:

<%= render partial: 'users/show'

Perhaps in your other controller's action you have:

@user = @some_object.user

You'll need to pass in the @user to your partial. You might want to refer to a local variable, user, in your users/show partial and pass in the instance variable:

<%= render partial: 'users/show',
locals: {user: @user} %>

You can also use the partial and layout options to together so that a partial will render inside a specified layout. For example, you could specify that your

<%= render partial: "contact_info",
layout: "users/show" %>

This would tell the contact_info partial to render inside a layout found in app/layouts/users/show.html.erb.

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