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Can I implement google analytics for web-view/browser within IOS app?

yup you can track the traffic. Set up campaign tracking from where its forwarded. GA will then capture this information and attribute to the corresponding channel. You need to setup e-commerce tracking in the web property as well.

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Google Mobile Analytics Event Tracking: Multiple properties to describe an event in google analytics
You can't store date from arbitrary JavaScript objects with Google Analytics events. Each event is limited to 4 properties: category, action, label and value. So it is possible to describe an event with multiple properties, but it's very constrained.

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How do I add Google Analytics to a Meteor app?
There is a package available meteor add datariot:ganalytics that adds GA to Meteor. It allows the user to configure analytics and set GA events. Found here:

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Google analytics userID tracking
No. The user id feature is intended to recognize authenticated users across devices so it can generate cross-device reports. However Analytics will still deliver aggregated data only. If you create ids to recognize individual users you not only need to be careful not to violate Googles TOS (which forbid to user personal data or anything that can be used for people outside your company to identif

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Google Tag not sending data to Analytics Dashboard
That hit looks correct. Can you try refreshing the page while viewing the real time reports? Also make sure your filters/views are excluding the hits and that you are looking at the correct property.

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Google Analytics Tracking with Android App Installs
Google Analytics provides referrer receiver implementation. You don't need to implement it yourself. The instruction for adding campaign attribution are in this dev guide

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