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inf not convertible to a float

bugs * 1.5 is a floating-point operation because of the floating-point operand (1.5), which you convert back to an integer. Note bugs * 2 and bugs * 1 are integer operations, because of the integer operands.

It is always increasing, at an exponential rate (bugs = int(bugs * 1.5)).

Eventually bugs will be an integer large enough such that bugs * 1.5 will exceed the maximum allowable value of a floating-point number, and thus will be "infinity". Then you try to convert that back to an integer, hence the error message, which is accurate.

bugs * 2 (integer operation as mentioned) works because there is no concept of "infinity" or an overflow error for integers. bugs * 1, of course, just runs forever. bugs * 2.0, however, would fail.

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You have to remove float, set text-align: center to container and display: inline-block to items. .test { width: 100%; height: 120px; background: green; text-align: center; } .inside { width: 100px; height: 100px; background: white; margin: 10px; display: inline-block; } <div class="test"> <div class="inside"> </div> <div class="inside"> </di

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find a Float value not over another value haskell
Just edit countElems type annotation to accept any ordered type: countElems :: Ord a => a -> [a] -> Int countElems n (x:xs) = fromEnum (n < x) + countElems n xs countElems _ [] = 0 Now it works both for Int and Float and for every instance of Ord type class. Actually, it's an actual type of countElems which compiler infers. Your version is restricted only for a = Float.

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comparing a float and integer in c/c++
False. For instance, a and b are both nan, in which case a < b, a > b, a == b are all false. Because integers and floating point numbers are represented differently. When you cast a float to int (e.g, 1.0f to 1), their memory are not the same.

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