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convert MySQL data to sentence case

I think you can use mysql replace method like this :

 UPDATE table_name SET field_name =
replace( field_name, 'string_to_find',
LOWER('string_to_replace') ) ;

I'm not sure if this works properly , but I'm sure that's must be it , so play with the code , I dont have mysql to check :d

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You can use the standard library re module: import re line = "dr. goldberg offers everything.parking is good.he's nice and easy to talk" res =".?([^.]*parking[^.]*)", line) if res is not None: print It will print parking is good. Idea is simple - you search for sentence starting from optional dot character ., than consume all non-dots, parking word and the rest of n

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Your regex does not work because dot . consumes too much, eating up the underscore. Here is how you can fix it: private static final Pattern PATTERN = Pattern.compile("([^_]*)_.*"); Another alternative would be to use a "reluctant" qualifier for the asterisk, but that may lead to catastrophic backtracking. Your other solution uses character classes [] incorrectly. The correct expression would

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