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Why is my code not recoginising blank line C++

You seem to be under the impression that a blank line is somehow represented by a null character. It is not. A blank line just consists of an end of line character (' ', possible originally of a line end sequence but on systems where it matters the line end sequence is transfirmed into a line end character in non-std::ios_base::binary mode). To detect an empty line you'd read a line using std::getline() or, possibly, using std::istream::getline() and check if the result is empty.

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There are two issues, here. you are confused about "newline" vs "new line": A "new line" is an actual empty line (contains only a "newline" character) and a "newline" is a special character used to mark the end of the current line. Most compilers, interpreters and Unix tools expect your text files to end with a newline to avoid ambiguity when dealing with multiple files, not a "new line". Mos

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Are you trying to do this? =CONCATENATE( "site_refer=", B8, "+", D8, "+", E8, "+", F8, IF(G8 = "" , "" , "+"&G8 ), "&keyword_refer=", H8 )

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When you pass pointer to vertices array its sizeof() is the pointer size and not your data size! Pass additional vertices size argument to your function and use it instea d of sizeof for glBufferData call.

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