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How to keep the program from crashing from invalid input

Just use a simply do while loop. Get the user input and then check to see if the value is less than 0. If it's less than 0 renter the value.

    // get user input
} while(message < 0);

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Detect if the number in the array has been already input (C program)
This should work for you: #include <stdio.h> #define SIZE 5 int main() { int array[SIZE]; int numberCount, repeatCount; for(numberCount = 0; numberCount < SIZE; numberCount++) { printf("[%d] Insert a number: >", numberCount + 1); scanf("%d", &array[numberCount]); for(repeatCount = 0; repeatCount < numberCount; repeatCount++) {

Categories : C
Foolproof user input program using scanner
Here is a quick fix. Create a temporary Scanner and set it equal to histogram before you run through histogram. If the user is found then validName() will return that user, if not then repeat this function by passing in input and the copy of histogram tmp. This will get the job done but is not the right way to go about this task. Updated Create a temporary string and add each user to the string

Categories : Java
Backspace functionality in keyboard input program
I think the problem is that in your VK_DELETE handler you're not repainting the display properly. I could get it to go wrong every time by moving the cursor to the middle of the text I'd entered and then pressing the Delete key. The code seems to assume that only the last character in the line is being erased but this isn't always the case. Try changing it to this: case VK_DELETE:

Categories : C++
Shader Attachment errors. Either invalid Program or shader
So the Problem was that the Program was invalid. What I did is this: if(!glIsProgram(program)) program = glCreateProgram(); glAttachShaders(program, shader); I did the same guard in the constructor. I am still wondering how that happened. I mean I checked the values in Debug and they all seemed valid.

Categories : C++
How do I get my program to separate not count the space between input as an integer?
Pass the two numbers in a single string. Find the space position and split the input in two parts, like in the example. NOTE: if you use c++11, the conversion to int can be made directly with std::stoi(str) string input; cin >> input; int spacePos, num1, num2; spacePos = input.find(" "); num1 = atoi(input.substr(0, spacePos - 1).c_str()); num2 = atoi(input.substr(spacePos + 1).c_

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