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Closing a WPF within Thread - C#

There are at least two major problems with the original example: running a new UI thread and aborting a thread. Try this instead:

SearchingAlert searchingAlert = new
BluetoothDeviceInfo[] devices = null;

searchingAlert.Loaded += async (sender, e) =>
    devices = await Task.Run(() =>


// Use the devices array here

It's not clear what client is, but of course if it offers an async version of the DiscoverDevices() method, you should just await on that instead of using Task.Run().

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Don't start a third thread. Just continue in the calling thread after the two worker threads finish: #include <thread> void do_work() { /* ... */ } void f() { std::thread t1(do_work), t2(do_work); t1.join(); t2.join(); // do final work here }

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