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Rails STI and Polymorphism in Ember JS

If you have MODEL_FACTORY_INJECTIONS enabled you will not be able to use subclasses as the prototype based inheritance checks fail Issue #5573 and Issue #2342 and Issue #2316.

I found doing STI at the model layer with Ember.Data and indeed Ember.Model is not really workable for the following reasons:

  1. Each model subclass is a separate collection as far as the store is concerned.
  2. Becasue of 1. you can't query the store to get an aggregated set of results which includes all (or only some) subclasses. You could in theory workaround this by querying the store for each of the desired subclasses and merging the result using Ember.computed.union() / Ember.computed.uniq() but its not going to be efficient.
  3. Ember cannot dynamically extend object instances with mixins that have properties, which would be another way to handle STI by extending a model instance based on the type attribute in the model data.

So what you're left with is to treat things kind of like you do in the DB on your server, that is support all possibilities in your data model. This means just define all possible relationships and attributes.

When it comes to validation and other business rules, controllers can provide the fa├žade you need. The Ember way is for controllers to decorate models and you can certainly create different classes of controller to decorate models how you please.

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