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Analysing wave header

Here are a bunch of links that helped me out a ton when I was working on this kind of a project.

I did find a typo in one of the examples, it wasn't reading one of the parameters with the correct endianness. Let me double check which one it was, and I'll get back to you.

Hope that helps.

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In response header Content-encoding: gzip is present, but in request header Accept-encoding: gzip, deflate is missing
From RFC 7231: A request without an Accept-Encoding header field implies that the user agent has no preferences regarding content-codings. Although this allows the server to use any content-coding in a response, it does not imply that the user agent will be able to correctly process all encodings. In short: if you specify no Accept-Encoding, it's legal (though ill-advised) for the s

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Add Header to WCF Message
IDispatchMessageInspector is you friend here, have a look at this post for ideas.

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Geometry header in css
Analysing the design shows it is mostly made up of a lot of triangular shapes, plus three boxes. You can therefore do the whole thing with CSS. The way to create a triangle in CSS is to use a div, give it zero width and height, and a border of a suitable thickness. There are many articles on the web on how to do this, and it has been explained before on StackOverflow as well, with some excellent e

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How to use a sdk (non-ros header/lib/binaries) in ros package?
Check your CMakeLists.txt. Change your include dirs: include_directories(include ${catkin_INCLUDE_DIRS} /Path/To/Include/Dirs ) Set your library paths: link_directories(/Path/To/Libs) And add your libraries: link_libraries (library_names)

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"Compressing" Header Codes?
What are you asking about are dynamically generated pages. First you download some "local server program", for example which can be used on both linux and windows pretty easily and without trouble. Then you have to learn a programming language used to generate html content. This could be one of the web oriented languages, for example PHP. The you use your

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