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Gem error on rails

Okay, so I got the solution to my problem. Looks like I was running an old version of bundler. So I updated the version of bundler and then installed the required gem. Bundler version information and commands can be found on It works perfectly fine now!

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Rails+ActiveAdmin - filtering with ransacker throws an error PG::SyntaxError: ERROR: syntax error at or near ","
So I found the solution: First, I've changed my filter in admin/account.rb from filter :by_active_projects_eq to filter :by_active_projects_in, :as => :string This approach resulted in correct SQL generation, "accounts"."id" IN ('e4d247ec-e64d-4e8a-996a-4d73ccb11257', 'bcb8fa61-4a53-4b45-8954-8fb6ae328365', '93d670b6-7b8f-4c27-91cc-e0f44c137114') After that I also had to cha

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if else statement in rails - error
It's expecting your controller to supply an @foul instance variable. Here, the controller set @foul = nil (unless it's index and @foul isn't getting set at all).

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I'm having an error while "gem uninstall rails"
change permissions for yourself: $ sudo chown $(whoami):$(whoami) /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p481/ -R then try removing rails again: $ gem uninstall rails

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Rendering error message in rails
There are multiple things wrong here: 1) You need an instance of an ActiveRecord class to have the errors method. From your controller code above i assume you have an index method with an array of instances (has_many relation) squad.player_types. The errors method can only be called on the objects itself (not on the relation) because in general you would have different data per object that can h

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Rails password can't be blank error
It sounds like your parameters are not being sent to the server correctly. password should be sent as user[password] and password_confirmation should be sent as user[password_confirmation]. See documentation for hash and array parameters. Alternatively, adding wrap_parameters to the controller will wrap parameters into a nested hash. wrap_parameters :user, include: [:given_name, :family_name,

Categories : Ruby On Rails
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